Mild Remover Adhesive & Glue

AC750 Mild Remover for Adhesive & Glue is a high performance, non-chlorinated product with specially blended solvent for removal of adhesive residue, self-adhesive paper label, glue residue, wax, some inks and dyes
Features / Benefits

> Safe on most plastic and most paints surface.
> Non-corrosive.
> Does not bleach or discolour surfaces.
> Quickly removes adhesive, self-adhesive paper label, and wax.
> An effective cleaner for removal of some inks and dyes.
> Contains no acetone and chlorinated solvent.
> Advanced Technology Spray Right 360° – Spray at any angle.
> Environmentally-friendly and safe at workplace propellant.

Direction Of Use

Allow spray surface to remain wet with solution for a minimum of 5 to 10 seconds and scrub or wipe off as required. Superior results can be obtained by several time of spraying the parts and wipe off with clean dry cloth.
Packing Size

500ml per can in 12cans per box.